Customer Support

Priority Support

Priority Support is provided to customers with established and current service contracts. This allows us to provide a superior class of service to customers who have engaged in an ongoing business relationship with IT Refined.

Please Note: Priority Support customers are always given scheduling and trouble preference over and above non-contracted customers. We provide a much higher level of service and support to customers who partner with IT Refined.

Priority Support - Contact Methods

Customer Specific Web Portal:

This web portal provides your specific priority contact methods, account managers, and tools. Quickly and easily, all in one place!

Customer Portal URL location:

Quick Trouble Ticket Submission Email Gateway:
PriorityEmail AddressExample Trouble Types
HIGH <account-name>
High Priority / Emergency / Business Critical Tickets
Issues affecting LARGE groups of users, production activities, and business function.
NOTE: High Priority service requests are billed at Emergency Service Rates
MEDIUM <account-name>
Important Questions, Messages, and Tickets
Low/No impact to business production. Issues affecting a relatively small group of users, or projects.
LOW <account-name>
Normal / Low Priority inquiries.
Adds, removes, changes; and general day-to-day support needs. Also, scheduled project work.
Telephone Support

Priority Support telephone numbers, and account manager contacts, are only detailed on your Customer Specific Web Portal page

Please Note: Using the "Quick Trouble Ticket Submission" Email addresses above, is superior to a telephone call as your request is placed into our alerting and issue tracking system. Thus giving your request a higher visibility to multiple staff members, as well as generating automatic alerts and alarms to multiple staff.